What is the best size for my new duvet?

What is the best size for my new duvet?

In recent decades, the standard length of duvets offered in Swiss retail stores has settled at 210 cm, while the majority of duvets in Germany is 200 cm long. On the Internet, a variety of sizes is on offer, if only because each country has developed their own traditional standard sizes for bedding. Zizzz has recently added a size range for adults with many ideal duvet sizes so you can find the perfect fit for every person in your family.

The relevant factors for the length and width of the duvets are body size on one hand, and sleeping habits on the other. The taller a person, the longer the duvet should be. People’s bodies come in a large variety of shapes.  Everybody needs a duvet that matches his or her body and sleeping habits.


Find the perfect length on the Internet

For those who prefer to pull the duvet over their shoulders or over the ears at night, the duvet should be more than 200 cm, otherwise, the feet will peep out below and might get cold. The traditional size for maxi duvets in Switzerland is 240 cm long and about 160cm wide. There are many different formats in between, especially in online stores.

Every body is different. 210cm may be too long for an average woman. A duvet that’s too long could easily slip off a bed without a foot end. At Zizzz 150 x 200cm is available, with wonderful wool filling and an insert made of comfortable cotton.


Ideal size at Zizzz

Does this sound familiar? You slept terribly last night and wonder why. The selection of the optimal width and length of the optimal duvets can be decisive for a comfortable sleep. In our Zizzz shop, there are many options. Extra long duvets are still hard to find in retail stores and malls, so we are making duvets in the comfortable size of 155 x 220cm available. Even if you prefer smaller comforters, we have two new sizes on offer for you: 140 x 200 (the classic Austrian size, you may have experienced it on a skiing vacation) and 135 x 200, the most common duvet size in Germany, which is also a perfect size for older children.


To each his own duvet

At Zizzz, we believe that everyone should have their own duvet. Of course, we also carry double duvets with wool filling. If you as a couple decide on a double duvet, of course, you have to find a compromise. 200 cm long duvets are too short for many men. In the past, they often had to shop at the impossible furniture house from Sweden: Ikea duvet sizes have always deviated from the standard of the country and they traditionally carry a range of king size quilts with 220 x 240 cm. There are more and more choices in online stores. Zizzz provides organically sustainable wool duvets in the comfortable length of 200x220 cm, and of course the classic Swiss length 200 x 210 cm. Is your duvet too long? If you want a shorter double duvet you will find it at Zizzz: we also carry 200 x 200cm. And now tall people can sleep comfortably as well, because we are producing wool duvets with a measurement of 240 x 220cm for optimal sleep quality.

For babies and toddlers sleeping bags are ideal because there is no risk that the baby pulls the duvet over their head and gets very little air. If your baby prefers a duvet, there is a sort of bracket commercially available to secure the duvet or you can push the duvet into the gap between the crib and mattress to fix it.