Design tips for a comfortable and beautiful bedroom

Design tips for a comfortable and beautiful bedroom

Your bedroom is your place of relaxation, so your furnishings should reflect this as much as possible. To make sure we get a good night’s sleep and are able to fully recharge our batteries, there are a few tips we can use to turn our bedroom into a feel-good oasis.

In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to decorate your bedroom in a stylish and modern way and show you which colour combinations are best for a cosy and beautiful bedroom. You’ll learn the do's and don'ts when it comes to bedroom decoration and find out what definitely shouldn’t be missing from your sleeping area.


How do I make my bedroom cosy?

With a few clever interior design hacks, you can turn your bedroom into a place for rest and relaxation in no time at all. The following decorative items go a long way when it comes to bringing some cosiness into your own four walls:

1. Decorative cushions and blankets provide pleasant splashes of colour

In the bedroom, we tend to favour monotonous colour schemes in order to let our eyes relax. However, this does not mean that you have to do without colourful cushions or blankets completely.

During the day, decorative cushions and bedspreads provide a nice contrast and can make the furnishings and environment in general appear much cosier. There are no limits to creativity when choosing patterns and colours. Fluffy woollen blankets and cushions with fur covers are a great fit for winter. In the summer, brightly coloured cushions add a touch of freshness to the bedroom.

2. Candlelight and indirect lighting for a cosy atmosphere

Indirect light, for example from candles, is a great way to give your body a rest in the evening. You can also use scented candles to give your bedroom a special touch. For example, the scents of lavender, rosemary and bergamot are very relaxing in the bedroom.

LED strips are another good light source for the bedroom. These are self-adhesive and can easily be attached to shelves or placed under the bed. LED strips not only give a feeling of cosiness to the bedroom, but are also great energy-savers. You can also attach fairy lights or light chains above your bed to create a more romantic atmosphere.

3. Decorative items for walls and corners

Bare walls and corners in the bedroom can make the room look cool and are also not exactly ideal in terms of space. Of course, you don't have to put a decorative item in every corner, but a few shelves, plants or personal items can give the bedroom a warmer and more lived-in look.

4. Extra storage space by the bed with chests

A chest or bench at the end of the bed provides a practical storage area and creates extra storage space. You can store unused decorative items or bed linen here, for example. During the day, clothes or extra blankets can be placed on top of the chest.


What shouldn’t be missing from the bedroom?

Of course, some essential things shouldn’t be missing from the furnishings of a cosy, beautiful bedroom. After all, while we’ve emphasised how important your bedroom decoration can be, your bedroom’s primary purpose is to ensure a high level of sleep comfort.

The right curtains in the bedroom

It’s important to find the right combination of curtains and drapes for your bedroom. They make the room feel cosier; curtains also make it easier to darken the room. In fact, many people even prefer blackout curtains or shutters to help them sleep better at night. You should decide for yourself how dark you’d like your bedroom to be.

The right light

Warm light in the bedroom is essential for good sleep. Overly bright or glaring lights prevent the body from producing the sleep hormone melatonin, which can disturb your sleep rhythm and makes it much more difficult to fall asleep.

In addition to the ceiling light, it’s well worth considering having floor lamps or bedside lamps in the bedroom. These create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening, which in turn puts us in the right mood for sleep and helps us get to sleep faster.

The right bed linen

Of course, no bedroom is not complete without the right bed linens! There is now an enormous range of bedding materials on the market, which makes the question of finding the right bed linens harder to answer in a general way.

Our tip: go for natural materials and you won't regret it. Natural materials are real winners when it comes to absorbing moisture and regulating our body temperature. Due to their breathability, they release warmth and perspiration to the outside so that there is no build-up of heat or moisture under the duvet or sheets. Furthermore, you are doing something good for the environment, as these materials are biodegradable and won’t stay on the earth for thousands of years.

What colours best suit the bedroom?

Bedrooms are usually decorated in neutral and monotonous colours in order to evoke feelings of peace and calm. When choosing the right colour for the wall of your bedroom, there are certain advantages to opting for a plain colour, as you can be jazz it up with various decorative objects later. This also allows you to change the colour scheme in your bedroom more quickly, as you won't have to repaint the walls first, but rather just change a few items.

A few ideas for colour design: White creates a feeling of cleanliness in the bedroom and is a classic. White can be combined with all kinds of colours and goes well with any decor. Muted yellows and browns radiate a lot of warmth and work ideally in combination with warm lighting. Grey or blue tones help us unwind and promote good sleep.


Bed linen from Zizzz made from natural materials

At Zizzz, we offer soft and durable bed linens made from 100% certified organic cotton, which are perfect for any bedroom. Our cotton bed linens are available in percale and satin weaves. Our satin bedding is available in its natural écru colour. We offer different colour combinations for the percale bed linen, allowing you to choose between:

Bicolour or two-tone percale bedding like ours allows you to change the colour scheme in your bedroom as often as you like, and it combines perfectly with other splashes of colour. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly furnish your bedroom in a chic way.



You don't always need a lot of furniture for a cosy and beautiful bedroom, because any bedroom can be transformed into an oasis of peace with the right decoration and colour. The right sleeping environment is important for a good night's sleep, which is why you should opt for natural materials in combination with practical elements such as shelves, chests and lamps. With the help of candles and decorative cushions, you can give your bedroom a personal touch.