Which fitted sheet is best?

Which fitted sheet is best?

Fitted sheets are used to protect the mattress from sweat, dirt or or dead skin particles that are left in your bed. This allows the mattress to be used for a longer time without having to be cleaned or replaced. Good fitted sheets also feel soft on the skin and thus increase sleep quality.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to find the right fitted sheet for your mattress and what to watch out for when buying it. In addition, we explain which material is best for fitted sheets.


What is the difference between a bed sheet, cap sheet and fitted sheet?

When buying a new bed sheet, the first thing you need to decide is between a bed sheet or a fitted sheet. A bed sheet refers to a rectangular piece of fabric that is wrapped around the mattress. As the name suggests, fitted sheets have an elastic band around the edge to make it easier to pull them onto the mattress.

Regular old bed sheets have the advantage of being quicker to pull off and easier to fold and iron. However, getting the sheet on the mattress is more complicated and takes some doing. Fitted sheets, on the other hand, fit tighter and are easier to put on your mattress. Once attached, they stay on the mattress and are thus ideal for people who often toss and turn while they sleep.

In hotels or hospitals, you will often find a third type of sheet, called a cap sheet or cap-style sheet. The cap sheet has a cap on one end, which is pulled over the head end of the mattress when covering the bed. The rest is then tucked under the mattress like a bed sheet.


When should you change your sheets?

An important question that concerns not only our sheets, but also our pillows and duvet covers, is how often we should change our bed linens. As a rule, this should be done every two weeks. In the warmer months of summer, you can even change them every week, as our bodies sweat more while we sleep at night.

Even if the dirt isn’t visible to the naked eye, bacteria and germs can be found in our bedding. These attract dust mites, the reaction to which can possibly trigger allergies and skin irritations. The right bedding material can help reduce how much we sweat while we sleep at night.


Which size for which mattress?

The sizes of the bed sheets are usually specified in the information you receive when you purchase a mattress, so it’s easy to see which sheet is right for your bed. Fitted sheets are made to match the size of your mattress. Due to the elastic, however, fitted sheets have some leeway and can also fit mattresses that do not exactly match the specific size.

If you have conventional bed sheets, you should add about 40 cm to the size of the mattress so that there is enough room for the overhang.

In addition to length and width, a third variable is often specified on sheets, namely the height. Mattresses can differ significantly in their height; for example, conventional mattresses have a height of 16 cm to 20 cm, while box spring mattresses are much taller and can measure up to 30 cm high.

So, before buying a new bed sheet, be sure to find out the size of your mattress and also measure its height. If you use mattress toppers or any other such items, don’t forget to include them in your calculation. After all, a bed sheet that fits perfectly will ensure a high level of sleep comfort.


What is the best material for fitted sheets?

Now that you’ve determined the right size for your mattress and decided on the type of bed sheet, it now becomes a question of finding the best material. Although there is a wide variety of materials and fabrics available on the market, these can be divided into the categories of natural, artificial and mixed fibres.

Fitted sheets made from artificial fibres: microfibre.

Microfibres such as polyester are not only quite affordable in terms of price, but also retain their shape for a long time. In addition, they tend to be quite durable and are easy to iron. Allergy sufferers sometimes use microfibre bedding, as it is more difficult for dust mites to settle there.

Although some polyester types are breathable, they cannot absorb liquid as well as natural fabrics do. Those who sweat a lot at night should take this into account. Furthermore, microfibre bedding can become statically charged and thus interrupt or disturb our sleep.

Fitted sheets made from natural fibres: satin

Fitted sheets made from satin give any bedroom an elegant look and are very pleasant to the touch. Satin sheets are very smooth and are perfect for summer to cool the body comfortably.

Satin sheets made from organic cotton are extremely breathable and absorb moisture very well. Satin is also easy to care for as it does not need ironing and can be washed in the washing machine.

Be careful when buying satin sheets, however, as satin refers to the weave, not the fabric from which it’s made. This means that you can purchase satin sheets made from polyester by mistake.

Fitted sheets made from blended fibres: Jersey

Jersey bedding can be made from different materials, such as viscose, wool or silk. Jersey fitted sheets do a good job of regulating body temperature and are good moisture absorbers. Jersey sheets are also easy to care for, as they do not need ironing.


What’s the best fitted sheet for winter?

Fabrics with a soft and fluffy surface are great for winter. Some examples of these include terry or flannel fitted sheets. The fabric of these sheets is roughened during its manufacture, which increases its warming effect. These fabrics are also good moisture absorbers and don’t need to be ironed.


What fitted sheets do we offer at Zizzz?

Our goal at Zizzz is to help you get a good night’s sleep by creating the most comfortable bedding materials possible, while harming the environment as little as possible. That's why we've chosen all-natural fabrics made from organic cotton for our bedding, including our sheets.

We offer fitted sheets made from certified organic cotton percale and satin. Percale fitted sheets are very durable and actually become softer each time you wash them, which is why the bed linen in luxury hotel chains is often made with percale. Since our percale fitted sheets are made from cotton, they’re breathable and thus help prevent you from sweating during the night. We offer our sheets in three different colours.

Our organic cotton fitted satin sheets are perfect for sensitive skin and are also ideal for the summer. Satin gives you an incomparable feeling of smoothness and its shiny surface gives a look of style and class to any bedroom. Since no dyes were used for our satin bedding, it is available in the natural colour écru.


In order to know exactly which fitted sheet is best for your needs when buying a new bed set, you should ask yourself the following questions: What type of bed sheet do I need? What size will fit my mattress and what material is best? Since natural fabrics are more absorbent and are better temperature regulators, they are better materials for bed sheets.