5 years of Zizzz or the story of searching for a sound night’s sleep

5 years of Zizzz or the story of searching for a sound night’s sleep

It all started with a present given to our daughter - a sleeping bag with a polyester filling!

Damp, sticky, stuffy, sometimes too hot and then too cold. This is what our first child, Carmen, must have experienced as she spent the first days after she was born in a sleeping bag with polyester filling, day and night. It was a gift from relatives who clearly meant well.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether she was really comfortable in it. Would you sleep in polyester bedding? I certainly wouldn’t and I couldn’t imagine that babies would feel comfortable spending more than 5,000 hours a year in a sleeping bag like this.

After doing some research, however, I soon realised that, when it came to babies’ sleeping bags, there wasn’t much choice available to buy in terms of products made entirely from natural materials. THE SOLUTION simply didn’t exist, which is why I saw it as my job and a challenge to find one. This was the beginning of Zizzz.

At the time, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to tackle this. I came from a completely different background, creating and selling financial products such as derivatives and warrants and giving advice to my clients on these. Back then, I still saw myself earning a living from financial products and I’d have laughed if someone had told me I’d be helping children and adults to get a better night’s sleep.

All of a sudden, a whole new chapter opened up before me. The financial sector couldn’t help me much with this but, as a new and motivated father and keen skier, I came up with the idea of making sleeping bags using Alpine sheep’s wool. Skiers and sports enthusiasts use the best woolen fabrics due to their unique qualities in extreme weather. Wool keeps the body dry during exercise and helps to regulate body temperature.

So, my idea was born. I strongly believed I could produce an excellent product to help babies and toddlers sleep better by using real, high-quality materials.



After some brainstorming, doing calculations, holding discussions with business partners and manufacturers as well as carrying out tests, everything became clear. We decided that we’d use a wonderful fiber called Swisswool for our filling along with a woven organic cotton outer and a silky-soft organic cotton inner. 

Following a few more test products, we soon launched our first product - our first Zizzz baby’s sleeping bag. Since our materials feel so soft and cozy, the same year, we had an idea to make small cuddly blanket under the French name "Doudou".



We made our first baby sleeping bags, starting with 2 different sizes and 5 different designs. Our aim was to make baby sleeping bags that weren’t just well padded for better sleep but also looked good. Babies and toddlers need to be completely comfortable as this affects the way they feel. 

We started an online store and, after some advertising, were soon selling our first products. And guess what? Everyone was impressed! I felt relieved, having identified the need for our products for youngsters and also for probably many of their parents. So, our brand was born from a simple desire. Zizzz.



We soon began receiving inquiries from parents who were quite envious of the good quality of sleep their little ones were enjoying and were asking if we could make woolen duvets for adults. Well, we initially set out to make baby sleep accessories but the customer is king and, when there’s a need, we’re naturally happy to help!

Soon, at the request of our customers, we expanded our online shop to include woolen duvets for children and adults.



We soon realized that there are many parents who value the quality and sustainability of their children's clothing and sleeping accessories. So we widened our product range to include pajamas in 5 different sizes for children from 12 months to 5 years. These came in 4 different designs and were made of the finest GOTS organic cotton.

After a while, we started trading outside of Switzerland and began receiving regular orders for our Zizzz sleeping bags from Austria, Germany, France, and Spain.



The signs were good for our small business, which began in the spare room of our home, so, in 2016, we decided to focus on developing our brand and expanding our product range by introducing our new Zizzz pillows and two-piece Swisswool bedlinen sets. Our soft and cosy pillow covers and blankets come in various sizes and there’s something for everyone who loves their sleep.

Children love to snuggle up and, at the end of 2016, one of our partners came up with the great idea to make our popular Doudous in a rabbit design.



So, what about 2017, who knows what this year could bring? You might have thought we’d take a break but we keep coming up with more useful products and the demand from our customers is high. So, maybe we’ll be thinking about another expansion?

As we look back on a successful 5 years of Zizzz, we’d like to thank everyone who’s helped us to get to where we are now. Thanks to our customers, we’re delighted to say we’ve grown.

We’re now looking forward to another 5 years of Zizzz and lots of good-quality sleep! ;)