How to sleep when it's hot

How to sleep when it's hot

Falling asleep and staying asleep at night becomes a challenge when the temperature rises in the summer. Our pyjamas stick to our bodies and we constantly shift from side to side in order to find a cool spot on the bed. But this doesn't have to be the case if we add the right bedroom décor and follow a few tips before bedtime.

In this blog article, we’ll show you how to set up your bedroom to create the perfect sweat-free sleeping environment for the summer. We also answer the question 'Why can't I sleep when it’s hot?" and give some advice on how to dress your baby in the summertime.


Why do we sleep worse in the summer?

Our body has an optimal sleep temperature at which we fall asleep more quickly. This temperature lies at around 15 to 18 degrees. The optimal sleeping temperature ensures that our body is neither too cold nor too hot and that we can sleep through the night, comfortable and relaxed.

If your bedroom temperature exceeds 23 degrees, however, the heat will cause your body to sweat. On the other hand, the temperature in the bedroom should not fall below 12 degrees, because this makes your body work too hard to maintain the body temperature.

In the evening, our body temperature starts to slowly fall as the sleep process begins. If it’s too warm outside, it’s harder for our body to bring its temperature down.

It's the same with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Our body produces more melatonin when the sun sets. Since it stays light outside for so long on those summer nights, the production of melatonin is inhibited.


How can I get my baby to sleep well in the summer?

Newborns and babies have some difficulty regulating their body temperature and are therefore more easily affected by temperature fluctuations than adults are. So, what is the best temperature for babies to sleep at night? Similarly to that of adults, the optimal bedroom temperature for them is 16 to 18 degrees.

Of course, try to avoid the heat as much as possible during the day as well, if you want your little ones to sleep well at night. This doesn’t mean you can’t take your baby outside when it’s warm out, but you should make sure to find shady places and avoid the midday sun.

Is it ok for my baby to sleep only in their nappy when it’s hot?

The right sleepwear in the summer makes a big difference for babies and many parents tend to dress their babies too warmly at night. For the right temperature balance, a summer sleeping bag for babies or a short-sleeved onesie is best. Underneath, babies can wear just a nappy or a top. The best way to check whether your child is too warm or too cold is by touching the area in between their shoulders.

Sleeping in the heat: our tips

If you don't have an air conditioner or fan in your bedroom, you’ll have to find other ways to cool down and sleep better in the summer. Here, we’ve summarised a few tips for you that will help you sleep well even when it’s hot.

1. Air your home out in the evening

As soon as the temperature drops a little, you can open a window in your bedroom and let some fresh air in. During the day, keep the windows and curtains closed to prevent the warm air from entering your home. If you can sleep with the window open at night, feel free to do so.

2. Take a cool shower before going to bed

A cool shower can help bring the body temperature down a little and help you sleep better. A cold shower should be avoided because it gets our circulation going and wakes us up again.

3. Keep your usual sleep rhythm

Even though it gets dark later in the summer, it's best for your body if you stick to your usual sleep rhythm and don’t shift it backwards. This only confuses our internal clock and ultimately makes for poorer sleep.

4. Exercise during the day but not right before bedtime

Moving around and getting some exercise in the day have been proven to improve sleep quality. Long walks in the evening are a great way to wind down and stretch your legs in the summer. You should avoid participating in more strenuous sports in the evening, as this raises the heart rate and wakes us up again. Gentler sports or activities like stretching or yoga can be tried before going to bed, though.


How do I set up my bedroom for the summer?

There are also a few things we can change in the bedroom to help us get through those hot summer nights. We'll show you how to make your bedroom summer-ready:

1. The right bed linens

The right summer bed linens are definitely worth investing in, because breathable materials make sleeping in the summer a lot easier. Natural fabrics are best suited for this purpose because they can absorb a great deal of moisture and help regulate body temperature. Suitable summer bed linens are: Renforcé, percale, seersucker, linen, satin or silk bedding.

2. Pyjamas made from natural materials

Natural materials are suitable for pyjamas for the same reason as they are for summer bedding, namely their breathability. Polyester only lets the heat out to a limited extent, so the heat stays between us and our bedding. This makes us sweat more and can disturb our sleep.

Linen, silk or cotton are perfect candidates for the right summer pyjamas.

3. Darkening curtains in the bedroom

Blackout curtains in the bedroom are ideal, as they prevent you from being disturbed by the sun in the evening and early morning. They also help keep the heat out of the bedroom during the day.


Zizzz products to help you get a good night’s sleep in the summer

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Conclusion: Sleep well when it’s hot

The high temperatures in the summer can contribute to a poorer night's sleep, as we are more often woken up by sweating or heat exhaustion. To still get a good night's sleep in the summer, make sure you have the right bedding and pyjamas. In addition, you can follow the other tips listed in this article.