FAQ about sleepWhy is breathability important for baby sleep?

A breathable sleeping  bag allows air and moisture to pass through it, qualities that help to keep your body at the right temperature so you don't wake up at night. The result is better, deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Adults can lose up to a pint of moisture in a night. Babies sweat as well. If you use non-breathable materials, moisture stays trapped between the body and the blanket and you start to feel clammy very quickly.


Why is non-toxicity important for sleeping materials?

It is incredibly important to try to limit your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults. Their immune systems and central nervous system are immature and still developing, which means their bodies are generally less capable of eliminating toxins.

Farmers use large amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to grow normal cotton. Traces of toxins can stay in the cotton of the finished garment. Fire retardants used in synthetic fabrics can also carry toxic chemicals. These have been linked to cancer and reduced fertility.

Zizzz only uses non-toxic fabrics, so you and your baby can sleep safely and securely.