“Boo! Trick or treat?” How much fear is healthy for children?

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“Boo! Trick or treat?” Halloween is fast approaching and soon hordes of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other monsters will be parading through the streets.


Postnatal Training

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Getting back into shape is an important issue for most mothers after giving birth and they want to return to having an acceptable body, getting their old selves back and regaining the figure they used to have.

Getting back into training after giving birth is particularly important to avoid long-term damage. However, the wrong type of training can also cause harm.

That’s why it’s important to use careful planning and advice on getting back into shape.


When can you start getting back into shape after having a baby?

Nearly all cultures follow the same stages of post-natal care.

There are three distinct phases.

These are the regeneration phase, the post-natal recovery phase and a phase of getting back into normal training.

Bedtime: evening routines for babies

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The first few weeks of having a new baby can be particularly stressful and every hour of the day is dedicated to caring for your newborn. Feeding, changing nappies, putting the baby to bed are all part of the routine babies need. At some point, however, this has to come to an end.


Getting into a bedtime routine is good for both parents and babies

A regular bedtime routine teaches a baby when it's time to go to sleep. In addition, sleep experts believe that a regular bedtime routine improves sleep quality. The sooner a child learns to follow a routine and adopt certain habits, the easier it is to stick to it before a lack of routine or even bad bedtime habits take hold.

What’s the time period for breastfeeding a baby?

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The length of time you should breastfeed your baby remains a hot and controversial topic. Everyone has a different opinion to voice and no matter what choices mums make, there are always plenty of comments and advice to listen to.

So, what’s a considered as healthy in terms of how long to breast feed?

5 years of Zizzz or the story of searching for a sound night’s sleep

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It all started with a present given to our daughter - a sleeping bag with a polyester filling!

2011 (2012)

Damp, sticky, stuffy, sometimes too hot and then too cold. This is what our first child, Carmen, must have experienced as she spent 5 years ago days and nights after she was born in a sleeping bag with polyester filling. It was a gift from relatives who clearly meant well.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether she was really comfortable in it.

Would you sleep in polyester bedding?

I certainly wouldn’t and I couldn’t imagine that babies would feel comfortable spending more than 5,000 hours a year in a sleeping bag like this.

After doing some research, however, I soon realized that, when it came to babies’ sleeping bags, there wasn’t much choice available to buy in terms of products made entirely from natural materials.

THE SOLUTION simply didn’t exist, which is why I saw it as my job and a challenge to find one.

This was the beginning of Zizzz.

6 sleep positions and what they mean

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On your stomach, hands above your head  ? On your back ? Fetal position ? Yes, we all have our best technique to drift off to sleep in no time. What if your favorite position to go to sleep revealed aspects of your personality ? 


Family trips : How to best deal with jet lag with your little ones

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Many couples use their parental leave to organize long trips. It's always enjoyable to be able to spend lots of time as a family.

In general, about 70% of couples prefer the idea of traveling with kids. A study pointed out, however, that only 19% of them choose a longer trip.

There are a few reasons that explain this phenomenon, among which the concern about jet lag effects in children.


How poor sleep can impact on your work

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As many people know, lack of sleep affects our performance and the more stress we experience, the less we sleep. About 30% of workers surveyed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland complained of a lack of sleep or a sleep disorder. A good sleep forms part of a good night's rest and can improve your mood, motivation and cognitive ability. Furthermore, the amount of time you sleep is just as important as the quality of your sleep. Between 6 and 7 hours of sleep can be enough for some, whereas others may need 8 or 9 hours a night.


Having a family picnic with a baby - Your little guide to eating outdoors

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As we’re slowly heading towards the warmer weather again, we start to feel inspired to go outdoors. Even if you have a garden, spending the whole day at home isn’t good for you or your child. Exploring the world and the challenges it has to offer is important for body and soul.


11 celebrities who don’t sleep like most people do!

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Sleep patterns can vary a lot from person to person. Most have their roots in our inner selves or in our past. We also display similar traits in many situations of our daily lives, such as when we’re under stress, at work, or in life with our family and our environment. We can find that some habits are difficult to control while we may choose to adopt others on purpose. Celebrities and famous personalities have their own habits too and these can be quite unusual or even very bizarre! But don’t worry, it’s alright in the end! Here’s our favourite selection:

Photo Star