Baby blanket Goodnight Zizzz



A soft and practical baby blanket

  • Breathable Swisswool inside helps to regulate your baby’s temperature.
  • 100% Natural materials: Swisswool and cotton. Bio-cotton inner lining.
  • Swisswool is ecological, hygienic, breathable and toxin-tested
  • Designed for your baby’s comfort and safety.

Design : Goodnight Zizzz

goodnight zizzz motif

This baby blanket shows a simple plain design, the Zizzz cloud on the lower part and red-colored details. It just tells you what our products are meant for. Goodnight!

Practical design

  • Ideal to keep your baby warm when you are carrying them or when you take them for a walk in a buggy.
  • Size 106x73 cm
  • Machine washable
  • If your baby sleeps better so do you.
  • Swiss design, made in Europe
  • Free delivery (EU and Switzerland)

I would recommend this blanket

To wrap up my baby. I would recommend this blanket to other mums.

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Review by Luz, Posted on 14/11/2016

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Questions about our products?

What should my child wear inside his Zizzz baby sleeping bag?

We advise parents to dress their baby in pyjamas made out of natural, breathable materials. If it is cold, put an extra layer on your baby.


What is the ideal temperature for my baby's room?

The ideal temperature of a baby room is between 16º and 22ºC


Do you advise sleeping bags or blankets for sleeping?

We advise a baby sleeping bag. It is the safest way and most relaxed way for a baby to sleep.  A baby can’t kick off a sleeping bag, so there is no risk of them becoming uncovered.

An uncovered baby might wake up from the cold. By putting them in a sleeping bag you also avoid the risk of suffocation as the bag will never smother the baby as a blanket might.

Our baby sleeping bag provides your baby with a comfortable and recognizable sleep environment. It will help them in their sleep routine even when they are not in their own bed. We recommend our blankets for other uses, too. You could use one keep your baby warm when you are carrying them or when you take them for a walk in a buggy.

Why don’t your baby sleeping bags have sleeves?

Our bags don’t have sleeves to make sure enough air can circulate and to avoid overheating, which can be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If babies sleep under a blanket they will normally keep their arms uncovered, just like we do.

We recommend layering garments to adapt your baby to their room’s temperature. The best way to see if they are warm is to put your hand on their chest or behind their neck. Baby’s hands can feel a bit cold because of poor circulation in the first 12 months. Don’t worry! This is normal.


How do I take care of my Zizzz sleeping product?

You can wash Zizzz products at 30ºC on your washing machine’s wool program. Remember to use a wool detergent. Do not put Zizzz sleeping products in the dryer.


Can I use Zizzz sleeping products for a baby with allergies or eczema?

Yes, because we only use natural materials: Swisswool and BIO cotton are both hypoallergenic. Cotton or wool fabrics are rarely a cause for allergy. Skin allergies are often linked to chemical and toxic residues in fabrics.

By using BIO cotton for our inner lining we ensure there is no chance that traces of chemical pesticides could cause allergies. The farmers don’t use them so neither do we. Our wool is from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps and no pesticides are used on them either.


What is the TOG value of a Zizzz baby sleeping bag or blanket?

The textile industry uses TOG values to show how much a duvet or sleeping bag will insulate you. You’ll often see TOG values quoted on baby sleeping bags made out of polyester. We don’t believe it’s very useful since our products are breathable and help to regulate your baby’s body temperature naturally. However if you twist our arm, it’s roughly 2.5.


Until what age can a baby/child sleep in a baby sleeping bag?

Our largest sleeping bag is for chidren from 2 to 4 years. We have three different sizes. The smallest size is from 0 to 6 months. In this period babies grow really quick. This is the reason that the period to use it is relatively short. It is not good to make a bag too big. Our second size is from 6 months to 24 months.


How many bags do you recommend?

It is best to have two baby sleeping bags. This way you always have a back-up when one is in the washing machine.


Can I use your baby sleeping bag all year round?

Yes our bags are designed for use all year round in houses with temperatures between 16° and 22°C. So except for hot summer days when you sleep yourself without your duvet.

What is the difference between wool, down and synthetics?

Down and synthetics are primarily insulators they keep the body hot and don't release heat. During the night these insulators bring our body temperature up so we either fully wake up or toss and turn to cool off.  Did you ever experience waking up and feeling sweaty?

Wool is not just an insulator it also acts as a regulator of temperature. Wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture, to cool or heat up your body. You get warm quickly, but because of the fabric’s exceptional breathability you do not overheat.


What are the advantages of a Zizzz duvet with Swisswool?

Our Duvets with Swisswool are light and airy. They provide a very comfortable sleeping climate all year round. You can easily wash it at 30° in the wool program. The unique temperature regulating qualities of wool will help you to wake up fresh every morning.

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, highly breathable fibre and it doesn't attract dirt. Down and feather tend to attract dust and dirt as well as dust mites. Dust mites do not like wool because of the way wool breathes. The wool in the duvet stays drier than other fillings. The lower the humidity, the less comfortable the environment for dust mites.


Can a duvet with Swisswool itchy?

No, the Swisswool itself is not itchy. On top of that our Swisswool is covered very fine fair trade batist cotton. It has a very soft and smooth touch.


Can I wash my Zizzz Swisswool duvet?

Yes you can wash a Zizzz Swisswool duvet without problems in your washing machine. Do not forget to use the wool program and a wool detergent. The only thing you should not do is using a dryer. The wool does’t like that.


Do you have different weights?

All our duvets are filled with 280g/sqm Swisswool. This is average weight and for most people living in a house with central heating it will be ideal all year round except for that hot really summer night when you sleep without anything.


Do you have different sizes?

We currently have two sizes:

  • 150x200 cm, this is a general European size for a mattress 90 cm wide.
  • 160x210 cm, this is a standard Swiss size for a mattress 90 cm wide.

If you have a two person mattress it we advise to buy two one-person duvets.  You will both sleep better since your partner can’t pull the duvet to his side anymore.


Where are your duvets made?

Zizzz duvets with Swisswool are made in Switzerland